Saturday, March 4, 2023

What is art?

 To me, this site is about finding out what art is.  I'm looking for artists who want to help me with this in a non-boring way.

Group Show at 2727 California Street

 Right now at 2727 California Street Gallery in Berkeley, California, there is a group art show that is really good.  What really stood out to me in this show is one artist who does broken color paintings and has this one painting of of Van Gogh.  Also there was an artist named Janet Brugos who talked to me about her art.  Her art featured faces with beautiful abstract backgrounds.  Anyhow, I loved this show.

Oil and Earth in Reno

 Recently at the Savage Mystic Gallery in Reno, Nevada, I saw a art show featuring a Oakland artist named Rory Terrell.  In this show, Rory shows art that is beautiful and yet shows the horrors of oil pollution.  Inside of his gold frames, he shows literally Oil and Earth within two pieces of plexiglass that create a landscape-like effect.

Part 2 Gallery

Several weeks ago I visited Part 2 Gallery in Oakland for the first time.  There are two doors two this gallery and I was able to visit in one of them.  I know an artist named Sam Spano who is part of this gallery and I know that this gallery is very popular due to it's in the events section in Juxtapoz magazine.  It seems like a new gallery but I could be wrong.  I liked the show.  It's been a few weeks but I remember seeing vibrant abstract paintings at the front of the gallery and realistic interesting paintings at the back of the gallery.  Sam Spano is an awesome guy.  I lived with him at a art house in Oakland for a little bit and he seems to be getting famous.   While Sam Spano and me lived at the same art house, he worked at Donut Farm and worked on his brilliant paintings of the figure.